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PREMIERE: Christie Huff Embraces City Life and Love On her Sultry New Single “Urban Love”

Buzzing country popster Christie Huff is leaving the calm of suburbia for the bright lights and big love found in the city on her soulful single “Urban Love.” Described by Essentially Pop as “infectious and feisty,” Huff has opened for a number of country music icons, including Toby Keith and Jason Aldean. Produced by Ethan Carling, the song seamlessly blends elements of pop, R&B and country, and represents Huff’s continued embodiment of the new Nashville sound.
Says Huff: “I wrote this song about a relationship that I think most millennial and people from my generation experience. We were dating but also didn’t want to commit fully because we both live in LA and had our own dreams we were following. We were pretty indecisive about love, yet at the same time put up a front that we know exactly what we’re doing. So I decided to write a song almost making fun of my generation in dating in the city. I thought about all the classic LA, Brooklyn, East Nashville kind of sophisticated hipster and out came Urban Love”

“Urban Love” is the next release from Huff’s forthcoming third EP, which Avi Kaplan ((Pentatonix) is producing. Huff worked with Jeff Dayton (Glen Campbell, Kenny Chesney, George Strait) on her first two albums.
Huff released her debut album, Sweet Love To Come Home To, in 2013. Her sophomore effort, Roll the Dice, featured several stand-out tracks, including the James Bond-esque title track “Roll the Dice,” the witty “Country Breakup Song,” and the breezy pop ballad “Summer Love.” These songs, as well as her spirited live performance, helped cement Huff’s status as a blossoming star on the LA music scene.
As a teen, Huff recorded two CDs in Nashville. She brought these CDs – as well as her hope for success – with her as the ambitious teen moved to Los Angeles: “When I moved to LA, I went with nothing but a dream and my two CDs. I had no music connections out west, so I really did move there as a leap of faith.”
Fans can find Huff on YouTube, where she has several music videos, including the award-winning “Soldier Song.” She has also garnered attention for her increasingly popular series Christie’s Couch Sessions. In it, Huff collaborates each week with a different artist from the LA or Nashville scene on an original song, cover, or mashup.

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