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Christie Huff Brings Us Her Special Blend Of Country Pop With ‘Summer Love’ - ESSENTIALLY POP

Christie Huff’s newest album, ‘Roll The Dice’, combines country and pop in a way that is both infectious and feisty.

Her first album, ‘Sweet Love To Come Home To’, in 2013, garnered high praise, particularly for the song and video, ‘Soldier Song’. The song was the first she had ever written, and was inspired by photos of her friend saying goodbye to her husband as he left for Afghanistan.

Growing up in Mesa, Arizona, one of four sisters, Christie sought solace in her songwriting and singing. Although she struggled with dyslexia, the encouragement of her family and her over-achieving-ness meant that she still got As in school, although it had an affect on her self-esteem.

“What brought me confidence was my singing and performing on stage. Later, when school became harder, I would escape into my music. Some days I would come home and write 3 songs in one day.”

Christie moved to Los Angeles, and although she didn’t know anyone there, her enthusiasm and commitment to hard work has ensured she has built up a strong network and artistic profile. Still only nineteen, she is already a respected presence on the LA scene, with a full band.

“When I moved to LA, I came with a dream and 2 CD’s recorded in Nashville,” Christie says. “I had no music connections in LA, but fell in love with the artists and venues so I moved there as a leap of faith.”

Christie includes among performance highlights appearances at the likes of the Marquee Theater in Tempe, Arizona, The House of Blues, Hollywood, and The Hard Rock Café, San Diego.

Christie worked with Jeff Dayton on both her albums, best known for his work with Glenn Campbell, Kenny Chesney, and George Strait. Her new album, ‘Roll The Dice’ sees Christie’s country-pop take on an edgier style, with the album title itself giving the idea of taking a chance, but also the playful aspect of living a full life.

Christie’s song, ‘Summer Love’ feels destined to be a summer anthem, its feel good tropical sound conjuring up images of long evenings on the beach gazing into the sunset, or walking along the sand. It’s sultry with a vaguely Caribbean sound to it, combined with country guitars and pop sensibilities. Christie’s vocals are smooth and sleek.

In speaking of how far she’s come on her artistic journey, Christie says, “For me, this has been a big self-realization year. I’ve learned to embrace who I am, be the boss of my career, and I’ve realized everything you go through in life makes you stronger. Music is what I am supposed to be doing with my life, and I count my blessings I’m doing it.”

With songs like ‘Summer Love’ and her determination, one thing that is certain is that Christie Huff has a long and successful future ahead of her.

‘Roll The Dice’ is available on iTunes, and from CD Baby. You can find Christie Huff online on Twitter, Facebook, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, and her Official Website, where you can sign up for her newsletter. Check out the video for ‘Summer Love’ here:

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