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Christie Huff Paints A Clear Picture With Her Latest Single “Canvas”

From Arizona to L.A, country singer/songwriter Christie Huff returns with another empowering and introspective song titled “Canvas”. Not only does Christie keep her country roots by taking countless trips to Nashville for co-writing opportunities, but also by impressively opening for staple country acts like Jason Aldean, Bebe Rexha, Toby Keith and others. Christie Huff’s latest single “Canvas” captures themes of realizing that it’s time to move on from someone, and when enough is enough. All while displaying her mesmerizing vocal abilities, we can’t help but hear the likes of female country artists like Carrie Underwood and Hillary Scott.

“Canvas” opens with Christie Huff’s angelic and inviting background vocals overtop calm and ear-pleasing electric guitar. As Christie’s vocals take center stage, the underlying subtle electric guitar picking creates a rhythmic tempo mimicking the drums, while also incorporating notable background snaps. Leading up to the powerful chorus soaked in introspective instrumentation from serene acoustic guitar, a foot-stomping drum beat and faint background strings that portray Christie Huff’s country ties. She belts out lyrics full of passion and pain while showcasing her textured songwriting capabilities with clever lyrics like “Now I’m covered in color scars from the brush you used to mimic this”. It’s evident that “Canvas” perfectly exhibits the heartfelt emotions which Christie Huff has vulnerably channeled, and we’re eager to hear what she’ll come up with next.

Listen to "Canvas" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Christie Huff! We’re loving your heartfelt and relatable message on your single “Canvas”! Could you share what helped channel your emotions when writing your clever lyrics for “Canvas”?

Thank you so much! "Canvas" was the first song I wrote after a breakup. I was just sitting with my emotions and out came "Canvas". I wrote down how I was feeling and I just kept thinking my heart feels so sick and this hurts like hell. That line then became one of the main lines of the chorus. I was in a relationship with a painter/artist and I have a very abstract way of thinking. I just kept thinking of how love is artwork in and of its self. That's where I got the idea for the direction of "Canvas"! Just from that whole relationship.

In regards to Christie Huff’s creative process behind “Canvas”, did you have an idea of how you wanted the instrumentals executed, or was it more experimental and seeing what fits best?

I knew I wanted the production on "Canvas" to be somewhat dark. I wanted the production to capture how I was feeling when I wrote it. As well as show my country roots with a splash of pop. I took the song to my producer Ethan Carling, and I really love the combination of country, pop, and that darkness I wanted!

We’ve heard that you took your sound from Arizona to L.A, while also taking frequent co-writing trips to Nashville. Now that you’re in Los Angles and around a variety of different musical talent, would you ever experiment in blending genres or co-writing with an artist who isn’t particularly country?

Absolutely! That's what I love about LA, It's helped me find my country sound because I have been influenced by all genres! My brand new single "Canvas" released April 3rd was produced by a great electronic/pop artist and producer, Ethan Carling. I met Ethan in LA and love working with him because he brings out a unique sound to my country sound. I would definitely love to perform a duet with somebody from any genre! As long as there's chemistry and a good vibe, I'm open to collaborating with all genres! You learn so much!

You’ve obtained incredibly impressive numbers when it comes to streaming, reaching a total of 3 million! Now that you have quite the platform as an artist, what messages do you want to get across to your audience about Christie Huff and what she stands for?

Thank you so much! I'm so excited about that. What I want my listeners to take away from my music is that I stand for not being shy about expressing my emotions. I write all my songs about personal experiences and I know that we all go through similar experiences and react in different ways. I hope that my listeners can relate to my songs and that they can better cope with experiences while listening to them.

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