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LOS ANGELES - Playing at the Marquee

Hello everyone!

The past two weeks have been just spectacular! I spent the past two weeks in LA with some family and it was a great experience. I went to open mic nights around town and had a few gigs as well. There are so many venues and so much talent in the LA area. I met lots of friendly people who were willing to help me out when I was there. I feel like everywhere you go in LA people seem to be in the entertainment industry whether they be singers, actors, producers, models, dancers, or even movie critics. It's a great environment to be in if you want to go into the entertainment/music industry. I came to the conclusion that moving to LA would be the best thing for me so I plan on moving there this summer! :) I still have some things I need to get done before I move there like record my next CD!! I go to Nashville next Thursday to record my second CD with my producer Jeff Dayton. I'm so excited!! :)

Some other exciting things that have happened this past week, is on Monday night I got to be an opening act at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe for the band Rehab! It was such a fun experience! And it was great meeting Rehab and the other opening acts as well. I also am in a competition for to open up for Boyz II Men! I keep moving along and really appreciate everyones votes and support! Keep voting and spreading the word! :) You can vote once everyday so get your friends and family on board and VOTE!! :)

Again thank you everyone for your support with my career! I'll talk to you soon :)


Christie Huff

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