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Christie Huff is Feeling Lucky with "Roll the Dice" - NODEPRESSION.COM

Christie Huff is a stunning pop-country artist based out of Los Angeles. Crossing genres, she brings to life a captivating sound with her latest release, Roll The Dice. Her sharp and witty Pop-laced music makes her stand out from the rest, showing her talent for not only singing, but songwriting as well.

Music came to Huff by fate. Struggling with dyslexia during her school years, she worked especially hard to gain her confidence for singing and performing on stage. Seeking comfort in penning her own songs, she has garnered a strong talent for writing strong and accessible songs that prove to be timeless. Her Modern-Country laced tracks have shown a constant maturity throughout the years, and her latest release, Roll the Dice, is her strongest album to date.

Roll the Dice is Huff's sophomore release and it shows a new side of Huff. The richness of Huff's vocals stands out in key pieces such as the James Bond-esque title track, "Roll the Dice," and anthem piece, "Rock Star." Her bold vocals take center stage with songs such as "Country Breakup Song," which is sultry yet humorous, showing an array of Huff's personality traits. The breezy pop ballad, "Summer Love," that is one of those great tracks for any summer wrap-up playlist.

Christie's ambition and confidence carries throughout the record with a charming grace and infectious tone. Roll The Dice takes risks and breaks new ground for Huff, bringing her musical talents to life. The diverse record will make listeners fall instantly in love with Christie Huff, one song at a time.

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