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Christie Huff starts a fire with album 'Roll the Dice' - RAGGED COUNTRY

After moving to California, Christie Huff is taking the LA music scene by storm. Having always been determined to succeed, her emotional music video for ‘Soldier Song’ was selected for the 2014 GI Film Festival in Washington DC. With this big accomplishment under her belt,Huff has no plans to slow down as she releases her second album Roll The Dice. The album itself is filled with upbeat positivity, and Huff’s sultry sound lends itself well to the selection of tracks. Themes of adventure and taking a chance are intertwined with heart-break and moving on.

“Road Trip” is a song that steals the show. The classic tale of being young and free, although nothing that hasn’t been done before, is complemented well by Huff’s voice making for a tune that will definitely be added to playlists this summer. The same can be said for ‘Summer Love’, a soft and sweet summer romance story and title track ‘Roll the Dice’ is catchy as ever fun up-tempo beats, leaving the listener wanting to go for a drive with their windows down.

Huff’s voice shines on ‘Walk Away’ offering the God-given talent of her delightful raw vocals, but the song itself is underwhelming. Although the album brings a lot to the table with songs like ‘Start a Fire’ and ‘Road Trip,’ some tracks, while given great effort, don’t shine like the rest. ‘Give it Up’, ‘Rock Star’ and ‘Lost in Translation,’ whilst good songs seem to lack originality, getting lost in the sea of similar romance tracks. They don’t sound particularly country, and there seems to be an absence of genuine emotion, which is surprising from Huff following the emotional ‘Soldier Song’.

On the other hand, ‘Start a Fire’ has some serious passion and carries a positive message. It speaks of anger slowing building up inside and how that can be channelled into motivation and determination to seek revenge in the best way by excelling and living a happy life. Likewise, ‘Pray for Rain’ and ‘Country Breakup Song’ also have some fierce power behind them allowing Huff to redeem herself in the end.

Overall, Roll The Dice deserves the support from the fans but isn’t going to be the summer’s top release. Need not to worry though because RC has high hopes for Huff’s future career and can’t wait to see what she does next.

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Road Trip, Start a fire.

Written by: Emily Revell

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